Not All is Happy in Panda Land

July 15, 2008 / No Comments

Even if there are new pandas on the block born after the earthquake, not all is happy in panda land. It appears that three giant pandas are suffering from post-quake trauma. In a simple incident where a zookeeper tried to hand a bowl of milk to one panda, the metal bowl dropped and crashed making a loud noise and scaring the panda and two buddies away. It’s been a week, and the pandas are still, uncharacteristically, afraid of the zookeeper and his bowl.

wolongpandacenter Not All is Happy in Panda Land

Mei Qian and Qian Qian still need time to heal from the trauma inflicted by the 8.0-magnitude quake it is thought. The bears’ home was damaged during the quake. The three lived with 150 other pandas in the Wolong nature reserve. Six pandas went missing during the quake and one was found dead. Perhaps had the pandas not been confined to the preserve, they would have sensed the quake and went for safety. Did anyone consider that?

The three depressed and frightened pandas, all female, were found in a tree. They have been moved twice, once to escape the ongoing aftershocks. The pandas took their clumsy zookeeper with them to southern China’s Kunming. In Kunming, the playful bears still are frightened by thunder. Caretakers pat them and call them tender names to calm them down.

Okay, I’m afraid, too. Can some cute caretaker come take care of me, please?