Three White Lion Cubs Looking for a Home

July 16, 2008 / 14 Comments

“I want my mommy!”

whitelioncub Three White Lion Cubs Looking for a Home

“Doesn’t anybody love us?”

whitelioncub1 Three White Lion Cubs Looking for a Home

“We’re hungry!”


“I need burping!”


“Well, at least we have each other.”


“Alright guys! Let’s stick together.”


I guess I am naive enough to think that only humans can be so heartless as to turn away their own children. Not so. A white lion in Schloss-Holte Stukenbrock of Germany rejected her three cubs. What’s up with that? Let me have the little critters. Cute as can be, and whoever thought to put them on a black sheet knew what they were doing when these pix.

So, I wonder aloud here again about the whole zoo thing. Does having these little fellows in a zoo and having humans all around and such have anything to do with the momma lion turning them away? I love animals. Let’s put them back in their natural habitat. And if people want to study them…okay what’s to study. Leave them alone.

What do you think?