European Union – Concerned About the Length of Cucumbers and Curvature of Bananas

July 16, 2008 / 1 Comment

This story may not need any more words other than the title to make you laugh out loud, but we’ll try. Apparently there are standards for the length of the cucumber and for the curvature of bananas and the European Union won’t leave it alone. They want to make sure these things are and will be properly regulated.

eu bananas concerns European Union   Concerned About the Length of Cucumbers and Curvature of Bananas
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Europe (the European Union) is paying too much attention to an absolutely worthless issues like how are the tractor seats positioned, how to reduce the vibration of paving breakers, the circularity of apples, colors and looks of the eschalot, leek, cauliflower or melons. They have even dedicated some 36 paragraphs of adequate instructions for all these things.

Anyone interested in coming up with some regulations for how we should dress from now on? How long a tie should be, how big buttons should be, and don’t let the collar get too long or the zipper be too wide. It’s just as stupid!

Looks like we’re not the only ones to blame for bureaucratic absurdity of their actions because European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, acknowledged that other countries laugh at European cucumber standards. Trust me Mr. Barroso, there’s a good reason they are laughing. And they are not laughing because it’s funny.

As a European citizen, I’d be happier to know that these people who work for Europe (that’s what they do, isn’t it?) would rather plant a tree, than being concerned about ridiculous issues just to justify their paychecks.

Europe is losing credibility.