Koala Survives 7-mile Head-in-Car-Grill Ride

July 18, 2008 / No Comments

luckykoala Koala Survives 7 mile Head in Car Grill Ride

Talk about survival of the fittest? There is one Koala in Australia that took on a car, got his head stuck in the grill and still came out a survivor. Could he be on television? A car hit the 8-years old bear at high speed, the bear got his head stuck in the grill of the car and went for a ride for 12km (7.4 miles). We’re thinking he lost a few years while zoom zoom zooming down the road. Still he’s alive.

“To have him survive and virtually unscathed is quite miraculous,” Australian Wildlife Hospital spokeswoman Carolyn Beaton said.

It’s the season for koalas to be on the move and drivers down under are being asked to drive with particular caution when in koala habitat areas. The bear, now nicknamed “Ely ‘Lucky’ Grills” was freed with a pair of scissors after hanging on with one arm and his head stuck. When the driver stopped at a railway station, he was cut loose.

Lucky, who might be better nicknamed Look-before-you-cross-the-road is recovering in a hospital. “Whilst Lucky was in shock, he quickly recovered and was nearly better after a couple of hours rest and a feed,” she said.