Tokyo International Film Festival Going Green

July 21, 2008 / No Comments

tiff Tokyo International Film Festival Going Green

Tokyo will be hosting its 21st International Film Festival from October 18th-26th. Not wanting to be outdone by filmmakers across the big pond to the east, can you say Hollywood?, TIFF has a green theme – “Action! for Earth.” Protection and preservation of the environment will be the common theme of films that are exhibited during the week long event. No red carpet this year either. It’ll be green! That will surely save the world.

 “One of the most urgent problems we now face is protecting the Earth’s environment,” said a press statement. “While many individual films have grappled with how to sustain our environment, no international film festival has yet stopped to champion this issue.”

The festival will take place in Roppongi and Shibuya districts, two areas of Tokyo that probably consumes more energy in a week than all of India does in a year. TIFF says, “We hope that our ideas will resonate far beyond the film community, contributing to the global conversation on our planet’s future.”

 Tokyo International Film Festival Going Green

We hope they will show their movies using renewable energy sources or not show them at all.