Sky Aquarium

July 22, 2008 / 1 Comment

Who’s Looking at Whom?

skyaquarium Sky Aquarium


Those guys down there look like bottom feeders.

skyaquarium1 Sky Aquarium


Can you find Nemo?


Sky aquarium. Those are two words you might not find in the same sentence, much less right next to one another. There’s a skyscraper in Tokyo, Roppongi Hills that has an aquarium on the 52nd floor. The giant high-living fish tank has over 20,000 fish and 500 different species! Goldfish, Nemo! I don’t get it. Why not bury the skyscraper into the sea, call it a bottom feeder or something along those lines and keep the fish in their natural habitat? I think that was the idea of the fictional Atlantis. Maybe not.

Still, am I the only one wondering what the fish think when they look out of their fish bowl and down 52 stories? Or, am I just thinking too much? So, when have humans gone too far to try and mingle with animals? What do you think?