Honda Gets It on Gas-Guzzlers

July 23, 2008 / 1 Comment

hondapilot Honda Gets It on Gas Guzzlers

Honda Motor Co gets it. Arguably one of the most economical car makers there is, Honda Motor gets it. Honda knows that America is fat and needs equally large sport utility vehicles and minivans to ride in. Even so, Honda will scale back production on its Odyssey minivans and Pilot SUVs in the U.S. It’s not because America suddenly went on a diet, it’s because even the wealthy are feeling the pinch of high gasoline prices.

The automaker will cut production of the two units over the next three months by 10,000 units. to make up for the loss, Honda will roll out even more of its Civic subcompacts. My son drives one of these – 35-40mpg. Honda gets it.

Honda also has  an SUV-sized vehicle that goes 1,300 miles between fill-ups. Honda gets it.