Protester Superglues Himself to British Prime-Minister

July 23, 2008 / No Comments

In the same category with the recent PETA protesters that tried to make a statement , we have someone that got better ideas. He’s really on the next level.

dan glass superglued to gordon brown Protester Superglues Himself to British Prime Minister

To oppose against building the third runway at Heathrow, Dan Glass of London’s climate group Plane Stupid, unsuccessfully tried to superglue himself to the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s jacket, when they shook hands.

“Do not worry this is a non-violent protest. We cannot shake away climate change like you can just shake away my arm. We can beat climate change, but this is not going to happen by planning the world’s largest international airport at Heathrow” he said.

gordon brown Protester Superglues Himself to British Prime MinisterApparently Gordon Brown didn’t seem to take the poor protester serious and laughed off of his way of making a point.

Though he was allowed 40 more minutes after the trick (he was forgiven?) Mr. Glass tried it once again, this time at the gates of Downing Street. No luck again, because of a police officer.

Is this a good way to protest or maybe he tried to get shot by one of the MI6 guys?

Though we’re not really fans of an expanding Heathrow, he was either brave or stupid. We’re still debating on that matter.