Feet Cleaning Fish

July 25, 2008 / 9 Comments

doctor feet fish Feet Cleaning Fish

There’s a beauty salon in Virginia that is tapping into a natural resource to clean their clients’ feet … fish! The salon is using bottom feeders to suck on, nibble away at, eat at the dead skin on the feet of their customers.

This sounds like something that might come out of America. Too lazy to bend over and scrub their own tosies, the people apparently stick their tootsies into the fish tank (notice the toenail polish) and let the fish chomp away at the dead skin.

Yuck! Poor fish, indeed.

So, what about humans using animals to do their dirty work? This is not farming either. What do you think about using fish in this manner? What I am interested in knowing is, how in the world did anybody come up with this idea?

“Honey, I got so much dead skin on my feet.”
“That’s nice, dear.”
“Huh!? I said I have too much dead skin on my feet.”
“Why don’t you stick your feet in the fish tank?”
“Stick my feet in the fish tank?! Hmm, maybe.”
“Thank you, honey.”
“You’re welcome, dear.”

Seriously, how could someone come up with this idea?