Topless Girls Protest Bullfights with Blood

July 26, 2008 / 1 Comment

toplessbullfightprotest Topless Girls Protest Bullfights with Blood


I am serious now. I have got to come up with a plan that girls everywhere will protest against. Girls will go bare to protest bear skins. I could bear that. And others went topless to protest KFC. At least 15 celebrities posed nude for the planet(not really a protest.)

Well, here are some more girls, going topless and having blood (fake) smattered on their backs to protest bullfights.

Dang it! Why can’t I come up with something that girls will show up topless to protest against? Any ideas. I don’t cut my grass enough. I cut it too much. It’s not green enough. I use to much water trying to keep it green.

Help me out here. What cause can you think of to get girls to show up with no clothes on to fight against?