Toyota’s HEYA Project Wants to Hear Your Vision for the Future

July 28, 2008 / 2 Comments

Toyota launched the HEYA Project in August 2007 for the purpose of inspiring innovative young adults to share and collaborate on ideas related to automobiles, design, the environment, technology, film, music and more.

They want to hear your vision for the future of transportation and make it come to life offering the platform to voice your opinion, work together on innovative new projects, and submit your personal projects for support and funding.

toyota heya project Toyota’s HEYA Project Wants to Hear Your Vision for the Future

Together with the Quiksilver siteLA project, Toyota is currently searching for modern ideas surrounding the future of transportation in its program, “From Here to There: A HEYA Project.” From now through July 31, HEYA members can register at and upload their creative concepts of how to advance the future of transportation.

HEYA is the Japanese word for “room” and Toyota has opened the door to an online space where creative people can connect, communicate and collaborate on projects with each other and with Toyota.

Creators of the winning ideas will partner with a siteLA visionary who will build and expand upon the concepts for display in the opening night exhibit. The winners will be flown to Los Angeles for the final installation and grand opening of the event display.

Would you like to be one of the happy winners? Take a shot and let us know about it.

Check out the press release below for more info.

LOS ANGELES (July 25, 2008) – Hovering cars. Wind-powered bicycles. An improved super-highway. These are the types of ideas that Toyota aims to bring to life with “From Here to There: A HEYA Project,” a collaborative effort designed to explore its HEYA members’ ideas on the future of transportation. The top concepts will be brought to life at siteLA, a communal work and exhibition space sponsored by Quiksilver. HEYA is Toyota’s online program that allows young adults a platform to voice their opinions and work together on innovative projects.

Between today and July 31, 2008 HEYA members are invited to describe and illustrate their concepts for the future of transportation at The top four entries will be brought to life in one of the following mediums: short film, animated film, 3-D model or graphic art such as vector, photography or painting. The collaborative creative projects will be co-created by siteLA’s “Visionaries in Residence” and other members of the siteLA community, along with the winners themselves, who are flown to Los Angeles to participate in the installation and opening night kickoff celebration on Aug. 22. Each display will be available for viewing Aug. 23 through Sept. 5 during the “From Here to There: A HEYA Project” special exhibition and event series.

“We are pleased with the unique opportunity the HEYA project has provided Toyota,” said Geri Yoza, National Marketing Manager for Toyota. “HEYA has offered us real insight from the people who matter the most to us – the consumers – and the “From Here to There” collaboration with siteLA is an extension of our efforts to empower these consumers to express their visions.”

Entries will be judged by Toyota and Quiksilver’s siteLA, and winners will be announced Aug. 4.

“Quiksilver’s siteLA is more than a physical space. It’s a community,” said Catlin Rawling, Quiksilver Women’s Marketing Manager. “By partnering with creative young visionaries, community organizations, educational institutions and likeminded brands, we have instigated a meaningful dialogue and created some really cool experiences. This collaboration with Toyota and the HEYA Project expands our community and connects us with a whole new network of visionaries. We can’t wait to see what we can all do together.”

HEYA, the Japanese word for “room,” asks its members “What can we do together?” and thereby opens the door to an online space where creative people can connect, communicate and collaborate on projects with each other and with Toyota. Members can also use the platform to submit projects to Toyota for support and funding consideration. For more information, please visit