Greenpeace Gives Beijing Thumbs Up

July 29, 2008 / No Comments

greenpeacebeijing Greenpeace Gives Beijing Thumbs Up

I am as surprised as the next guy. I didn’t think anybody could make Greenpeace content about anything. However, the environmental extremists have pronounced their blessings on Beijing for their 2008 Olympic Games preparations.

“We are glad to see that Beijing has improved its infrastructure in preparation for the Olympics,” says Greenpeace China’s Campaign director. It has made public transport more convenient, upgraded home heating systems, improved water treatment and, to some degree, reduced its reliance on fossil fuels.”

Greenpeace acknowledged Beijing’s

  1. increased use of energy efficient technologies
  2. use of renewable energy
  3. use of geothermal heating systems
  4. increased employment of wind and solar power
  5. expanded public transportation system
  6. cooperation with Coca-Cola and Samsung to meet specific environmental commitments.

“This is a huge leap from the polluting technologies currently used in the developing world. Beijing has shown that, when a concerted effort is made, change is possible,” Lo said.

Beijing missed out on

  1. complying with internationally recognized timber procurement policies
  2. use of zero-waste treatment

Can’t win them all. Greenpeace says the rest of China needs to learn from Beijing. Perhaps they would if the rest of the cities in China could take turn hosting the Olympics. All of Beijing’s advancements came with a price tag.