German Nudists Don’t Like Being Treated Like Animals

July 30, 2008 / No Comments

germannudists German Nudists Dont Like Being Treated Like Animals

Gosh, golly, shucks, gee whiz. German nudists say they don’t like being treated like animals. I wrote about just this thing yesterday. Beijing has 8 giant pandas that they brought in pre-Olympics for the purpose of attracting crowds to the capital. And, they came…1 million so far since June 5th.

The nude bathers say that Poles come in fully clothed from their side of the border to watch them, stare at them, use the binoculars to get a very close look. One bather said,  “You feel like an ape in the zoo. The Poles come with their binoculars, stare and swear.” Don’t like it, eh? Get it, do you? What makes you think that animals like being stared out any more than you do?

To be sure, we have no reservations about treating our furry friends differently than we like to be treated. Is there a problem with that?

Here’s the funny part. The name of the town is Swinemunde. Rearrange those letters and add a ‘T’ and an “H” and you can make Swim in the Nude.

I say we give the animals a break, take off our clothes and go to the beach. How about you?