Golden Retriever Nurses Abandoned White Tiger Cubs

August 4, 2008 / 10 Comments

Isabella, is a golden retriever at the Safari Zoological Park that recently got famous. Famous for nursing three white tiger cubs born one week ago who were abandoned by their mother.

golden retriever nurses white tiger cubs Golden Retriever Nurses Abandoned White Tiger Cubs
© AP Photo/The Daily Reporter, Rob Morgan/Scanpix

Though it’s unusual for dogs to care for tiger cubs, Isabella who just recently weaned her own puppies, had nothing against it. Actually, she doesn’t really care if these are hers or not. She licks them, cleans them and feeds them. Tom Harvey, the owner of Safari Zoological Park said that “it’s a miracle”.

Though they are adorable right now, these tigers will grow 300 pounds big. Will Isabella care for them when they are adults? Shouldn’t take long. Here’s a video!


Later edit: I wonder if Isabella can feed white lion cubs, too. Hmmm …

  • Sarah

    this is absolutly adorable! I love Golden retrievers and white bangled tigers!

  • Cyorru

    Man I hate fox news, they’ve even put a spin on this shit. If anyone would take the time to find out about this, they’d know the tiger didn’t reject her cubs and that it was an experiment to see whether animals could be weaned by a mother of another species when they’d lost their own litter. Sure the cubs are fine… but did anyone hear from those pups? Word on the street is ‘They’rrrrrrre Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!’

    Fox news is for foxes. Foxes don’t watch TV.

  • Alex Ion

    Cyorru, you seem to know more about these than we do. Thanks for bringing some light to the news story we’ve published here.

  • Whitney

    They did not intentionally take the cubs from the mother, she would not nurse them. Maybe you should take your head out of your ass and do more research. 1) it has already been proven that animals can nurse other animals, it was done with piglets and a tiger in china because the tiger’s cubs died and she underwent depression.
    2) There are not enough tigers period to risk them dying for the sake of an experiment. White tigers are not a SPECIES they are a genetic mistake caused by a gene mutation and therefore the population is not a stable one.
    do your research or stick to indie news channels that dont say anything.

  • Shark Lady

    Regardless of what the actual story is (cubs rejected by mother or just an inter-species experiment), it is very sweet. Goes to show you — there is no prejudice within the animal kingdom; why can’t humans be like that? Exactly WHO is the smarter species?

  • j

    Im with Shark Lady on this one.

  • Tycia

    this is cute but weird. i wish i had tiger cubs, they are so cute and cuddly….

  • LoVe

    This is so cute. I wish I had tiger cubs to…
    Im with tycia on this one.

  • Say No To Tiger Inbreeding!

    Do any of u people out there know what had to be done to get those cute tigers? inbreeding thats what! their all cross-eyed! A lot of tigers had to be killed during the process just to produce these 3 cute ones

  • Bob

    I dont realize how it would be for isebella when the cubs turn into full grown tigers