Beijing Smog Big Concern for Australian Olympic Athletes

August 5, 2008 / 2 Comments

 Beijing Smog Big Concern for Australian Olympic Athletes

Beijing has been trying to reduce the smog in the city in the lead up to the Olympics. They start this Friday!! Whoopee! But, the Australian government is still not buying into the green Beijing, fresh air thing. In fact, the Australian government has voiced its concern about the effects that the air might have on its athletes. Yeah, and the Aussie government expects China do what that they haven’t done already?

The environmental minister down under said, ‘I think it’s a real issue for authorities there and also for the Australian team and for athletes generally, and I know that the Australian team medical staff will be monitoring the conditions really closely.’’

And I say, “Okay, so what do you recommend China do in the three days leading up to the Games?”

Or, is the minister just blowing smoke? Doesn’t he realize we need less of that? Let’s enjoy the Games and applaud China for putting on their best face. Is it the best? Could they do better? The point is, China is throwing a party and doing their darndest to do the best they can at it. How about some acknowledgment instead of criticism for a change?