Half of World’s Monkeys, Apes Face Extinction

August 11, 2008 / No Comments

deadapes Half of Worlds Monkeys, Apes Face Extinction

The International Gorilla Conservation Program says that almost half of the world’s monkeys and apes are feeling the worsening threat of extinction. The causes are deforestation and hunting for meat. I don’t get this report. Now, I love the animals as much as the next person. My wife even thinks I am an ape at times, but that’s not relevant. How can half of a species face extinction? Shouldn’t be the whole species is or isn’t? Does the report mean to say that monkeys and apes are losing their homes? That the overall world population of the bunch is decreasing because of problems in certain areas?

gorilla Half of Worlds Monkeys, Apes Face Extinction

Let’s protect our friends, not relatives mind you, our friends, but let’s also be accurate in our reports and not alarmists or exaggerating.


In any event, it’s humans who are at fault here…taking these critters trees and worse, serving them up for dinner. What do you think should be done?