Olympic Pandas Born in China

August 11, 2008 / No Comments

qizhen Olympic Pandas Born in China

 Qi Zhen When She Was Born

Anything born between 8/8/8 and the end of the Olympics in China will be dubbed “Olympic-whatever.” In fact, not a few parents scheduled to have their children on 8/8/8 come hell or high water.  Apparently Qi Zhen (Magic Treasure) couldn’t be fitted in on China’s most auspicious of days and had to wait till Sunday – 8/10. Still, her twin cubs are considered Olympic Pandas.  Huan Huan weighed in 98 grams and Bei Bei is still being protected by her mother.

Qi Zhen’s twin sister, Qi Yuan (Magic Luck) had twins earlier in the year. Giant Pandas are notoriously sexually inactive. That coupled with a shrinking habitat and the animals are among the world’s most endangered. There are only about 1,500 pandas living in the wild. There are 75 at the center in Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center including these two newcomers.

I wonder…what if we just left them alone. What do you think would happen?