Olympic Record for Power Consumption

August 11, 2008 / No Comments

powergrid Olympic Record for Power Consumption

Beijing set an Olympic Record for power consumption.  The Beijing power grid peaked at a consumption of 12.48 million KW at 11:24am…enough power to run a city of 17 million while they host an international sporting event attended by 200+ countries and 10’s of thousands of people. The previous record was 12.28 million KW. I think they were trying to finish all the building projects for the Green Village in one day for that peak.

It is estimated that the maximum demand will hit 14.6 million KW. The biggest demand is made by air conditioners, very much needed as the city is experiencing sweltering conditions – 35C (94F).

Despite the demand, Beijing Electric Power Co. is keeping up and the grid is stable. In the case of emergency, 50 power vehicles are standing by with a capacity of 26,890 KW and 201 repair teams are hanging out with their fans in hand. And…Africa is still being called the Dark Continent.