Cats Fight Back

August 12, 2008 / No Comments

nekopunch Cats Fight Back

At GP we love animals.  Especially when those PETA girls undo their things for better or for worse to help them out. Seriously, we do love the critters we share the planet with. Today…we love these cats who are fighting back.

In Japan, this one is called the Neko Punch. Neko is Japanese for cat. This little fellow made his rounds via Japanese cell phones. I don’t know what he is angry about or fighting for but I do know I am not messing with him. Perhaps he is standing up for a friend who was dressed in head gear and a dress to take part in a fashion show to raise money for an animal shelter.

The cat, Hale Bopp celebrated a birthday and is a resident of one of NYC’s most famous hotels – the Algonquin.

halebopp Cats Fight Back

Okay, so the cat is having this thing done to her in the name of helping other animals. Does that sit alright with you? How much can humans do to animals and say “we are doing it for them?” Hale gets about 30 emails a month. None of them from me.


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