Cloning Dogs in South Korea

August 12, 2008 / 3 Comments

pitbull Cloning Dogs in South Korea

I suppose that if all stray dogs had a home, I’d be more happy about the news I read where an American woman had her dog cloned in South Korea at the world’s first commercial canine cloning service. The American woman’s pit bull, named Booger, has five puppies cloned. Seoul’s National University cooperated in the reproduction.

“It’s a miracle!” shouted the woman.

“It’s a miracle that people would waste money on such matters,” shouted Bill.

The name of the cloning service is RNL Bio. The company brought frozen cells from dead Booger, nurtured them and launched the formal cloning work. The American woman said she was attached to Booger because he had saved her life when she was attacked by another dog. But, Booger didn’t save her from stupidity.¬† Booger, to his credit beat out a dog that was three times his size. His master suffered a loss of one hand and injured leg nerves…and a loss of connection to the brain from her wallet, IMHO.

Nobody had better tell the woman that her dog actually had 6 clones. The sixth is being raised up for dinner.