African Snail Appears in China

August 13, 2008 / 1 Comment


africansnail African Snail Appears in China

A giant and dangerous snail from Africa has turned up in a street in Fuzhou China. Ecologists haven’t a clue how the slow moving critter made its way to the Middle Kingdom but they are reckoning it took a very long time. The spotted snail consumes fruits and veggies in large amounts and can single-handedly destroy a local agricultural industry…well, maybe not.

The snail does, however, host a pathogenic bacteria and parasites that will cause those who eat fruits or veggies that the not so little fellow have touched, can become infected with tuberculosis and meningitis. Meaning, if he doesn’t eat your veggies, he’ll splatter it with infestation that’ll get you. It is suspected that he came over on an import shipment accidentally.

“All I wanna do is go back home,” he said, “And I hope they don’t make me walk.”