Naked Female Berlin Employees Sell Cosmetics – Lush

August 13, 2008 / 4 Comments

nakedlush Naked Female Berlin Employees Sell Cosmetics   Lush

I am living in the wrong country and shopping for the wrong products from the wrong sales people. Female Berlin employees dressed down, to nothing but an apron to sell cosmetics from Britain called Lush. So, why naked? They were protesting the use of too much packaging by wrapping themselves up in less.

nakedlush1 Naked Female Berlin Employees Sell Cosmetics   Lush

And this is getting the point across how?

The girls of Berlin want there to be less packaging of beauty products and toiletries, so they figured they make a statement. I say that the girls should be less wrapped, too!


So, seriously, where do we draw the line? How much is too much packaging? How much is not enough? I say we bring the girls to my house and we sit down and have a talk. Leave the aprons at home, please.


  • rick

    at the rate they’re reducing packaging I might start shopping there.

    Maybe they were inspired at the salon. “Take a bit off the back”

  • sunny

    i like those type of naked gals on the road

  • jenny

    i dont wanna c any more naked girls like dat.

  • schools

    nice nacked cosmatic girls.i wish i get a cosmetic.