Brits Fear That Wind Farms Will Reduce Bat Population

September 1, 2008 / No Comments

Right or wrong, the Brits fear that future developments of wind turbines (and they plan to have 7,000 by 2010) may hurt the dwindling bat population, and they have good reasons. A wind turbine reduces the air pressure around the spinning blades and can burst the tiny blood vessels that surround the bat lungs when they expand.

fruit bat Brits Fear That Wind Farms Will Reduce Bat Population

Dr Erin Baerwald, of the University of Calgary, Canada, conducted the research on 188 bats that were killed in just one night, and revealed that they all died because of internal bleeding. However, the threat is not that high with birds as with bats, because they have tougher lungs and support pressure changes much better.

With 17 bat species on the rare and endangered lists, no wonder the Brits fear they’ll be affected by wind turbines.

What would you choose? More energy for us and forget the bats, or less energy for us and keep the bats. It’s very hard to answer, I know.

Image courtesy of mosdave