Japanese Say Whales are Losing Blubber

September 1, 2008 / 1 Comment

whaleblubber Japanese Say Whales are Losing BlubberThe Japanese have been claiming all along that they have been doing research on the whales, not just hunting for dinner for a football team for a month.

A study has come out that says the whales are losing their blubber because ocean resources have been dwindling.

Japan conducted “lethal research” on 6,779 whales, about two-thirds were killed and some were pregnant.

The problem for the big Nemos is a lack of krill, a critical link in the food chain. The scarcity is blamed on climate change and the recovery of species like the humpback whale.

Minke whales shed nearly 10% of the blubber over 18 years and lose about 38lbs a year. I wonder if I were to remove krill from my diet, would I lose weight, too?

The study was led by Japan’s government-backed Institute of Cetacean Research and published in Polar Biology. Whale lovers say, “There is no need to kill whales to study them. ‘Research’ whaling is just commercial whaling under another name.”

Poor whales … if the Japanese don’t get them, climate change will.