Matra MS1 – The Electric Bicycle Hybrid

September 1, 2008 / 6 Comments

For all those looking for a greener way for their commute, if a hybrid motorcycle is not enough then an electric bike should definitely do the job. How about the new Matra MS1 from the French guys at Matra Sports, that offer a 60miles range and a 6 hours recharge time?

black matra ms1 electric bicycle Matra MS1   The Electric Bicycle Hybrid

Powered by a kW motor wheel and weighing only 40kg, it tops (limited) at 28mph (~ 45km/h) – beats the A2B bicycle. The specs list is not yet over because it includes regenerative disc brakes to increase battery life, full 100 mm suspension forks , an LCD screen and a magnetic security card to start the “engine”. But there’s more to it because Matra Ms1 has the ability of height and depth of the saddle and handlebars, which is a problem with most of the bikes these days, no matter if they’re electric or not.

matra ms1 electric bike Matra MS1   The Electric Bicycle Hybrid

But that’s where the good news stop. First of all, the company renowned for building Formula One cars and winning the Le Mans 24 hour race with one of their cars, is only selling this aluminum framed hybrid bike, in France. Second of all, it could be pretty expensive with reports saying 3,500 Euro ($4,951).

via TheGreenCommute

  • Drik

    I really got to get me one of those

  • Dan

    This is just a rebuild of the tidalforce bike that was from the U.S. a few years ago. They were also 3500-5000US and didn’t really sell enough the company switched to cars, and last I heard had sold there bike technology to a french company. Pity as sell at this price and only in France this won’t last. Given that this story is almost a year old, and after a quick google showed that at least one company in the U.K. sell Mantra bikes (but not this model) they may have given up on this very expensive machine already.

  • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

    The ideas are good and do seem to point to a good technology. But the price will keep it from every being anything but a “rich man’s toy”. Wait! Isn’t that what was said about the automobile and the airplane?

    Little by little, people will think of improvements in utility and price and these may become common. Although I don’t see a problem with a normal bicycle. Cheap, effective, and good exercise. They problem is, most people avoid exercise when they can. Then they pay a health club to exercise anyway. LOL

  • ali

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    I have been riding a regular bicycle in London for the last 2years and I can tell you, there is no space for us in the large city in 2012. The electric bike is definitely a solution, it give more power and more speed, most of them are also offering more stability, like this “Matra ms1” 45 km/h is about the speed limit anyway… So the buses and taxi are not passing you any more…

  • Bill Vac

    I am interested in reasonably priced but good electric bikes