Blue Rubber Ducks Crowd Thames with World Record Number

September 2, 2008 / 1 Comment

We like animals here at GP. We don’t like when they are mistreated, however. And, we don’t like when they pollute the place! Some 250,000 blue rubber ducks cooperated on a world record this year for the most plastic ducks in one place. Seriously.

rubberduck Blue Rubber Ducks Crowd Thames with World Record Number

Does somebody really keep track of how many rubber ducks get together in one place from time to time? Did somebody actually count the ducks? One little rubber ducky, two little rubber duckies, three little rubber duckies ….

The rubber ducks were tossed into the river by the Hampton Court Palace as part of the Great British Duck Race. The Brits need to find something else to do. The ducks are blue because last year people threw their own yellow duckies in uninvited.

There is a 2 pound entry fee and a 10,000 pound first prize for the ducky who floats the fastest. The money raised went to charity. Perhaps the start of this race can be traced back to 1992 when 29,000 rubber ducks fell overboard from a boat in the Pacific Ocean and floated about for some 15 years.

Listen and you can hear some Brits saying, “My rubber ducky is faster than yours.”

BTW, who is going to clean up this mess?