Global Cooling in Kenya?

September 5, 2008 / 1 Comment

Global cooling in Kenya? Well, it’s definitely not getting warmer everywhere!

hailstorm kenya Global Cooling in Kenya?

There was a hailstorm in Kenya, about 220km from Nairobi. The heavy hailstorm fell on a deforested hillside in Gikingi Village. Snow followed to children’s delight and snowmen were … well, nothing about the snowmen. Not enough of the white stuff. But perhaps for the first time ever, Kenyans discovered what a cold drink tastes like, no?

hailstorm kenya 1 Global Cooling in Kenya?

“I have not seen such a thing ever since I was born,” said one resident of Nyahururu.

“The hailstones falling on the ground joined together to form expansive sheets of ice or snow flakes occupying a large area, 30 acres,” Kenya’s Meteorological Department said.

There’s got to be a scientist, sophisticated or otherwise reading GP who can explain to me in terms I can understand (remember, I am slow) how snow or in that case ice, can fall in Kenya which sits just 1 degree south of the equator.

Even if I don’t get an explanation, Kenyans had a treat for a day. Now where’s Santa in the middle of summer when you need him?

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