Is Snake (Anaconda) Hunting Dangerous?

September 9, 2008 / 4 Comments

The answer is obviously yes but when looking at these South American guys marching with a freaking huge anaconda on their backs you may be tempted to say it’s not that dangerous. Read on to be amazed.

anaconda hunters 1 Is Snake (Anaconda) Hunting Dangerous?

The most important thing is how they manage to catch such monsters that can weigh up to hundreds of kgs. They need bait. But what? The hunter themselves. It starts to sound dangerous!! They wrap some animal fur on one’s arm and then the hard part starts. They need to get into the hole where the snake “rests”.

anaconda hunting Is Snake (Anaconda) Hunting Dangerous?

Anacondas are big and since they can eat a huge hippopotamus they can easily eat a man, too. Feel like hunting anacondas in their natural habitat anymore?

Images courtesy of Oddity Central