Why Obama’s “Lipstick on a Pig” Comment Makes Us Angry

September 9, 2008 / No Comments

lipstickpig Why Obamas Lipstick on a Pig Comment Makes Us AngryBarak Obama has accused the McCain/Palin campaign of being the equivalent of putting “lipstick on a pig.”

This statement doesn’t make GreenPacks angry because it’s sexist, or because it is an avert swipe at the only candidate in the final four to wear lipstick.

It doesn’t make GP angry because the slur is derogatory and the equivalent of mudslinging. Isn’t that what pigs do

It doesn’t make GP angry because Obama has to borrow a phrase he may have never used before in his Harvard educated life just to try to be funny or make a point. Is ‘lipstick on a pig’ really the best Obama can come up with?

No, it makes GreenPacks angry because Obama is insinuating that a pig would have anything to do with politics. We love animals here at Greenpacks, even porkers. And the worst thing I ever heard a pig say about another pig was, “that’s like putting mud lipstick on a politician. It’s still a politician.” You can tell, because the potlickers are all dirty.

And as one famous pig, that would be Porky, might say with regard to Obama’s campaign, “Th, th, that’s all folks.” Obama hasn’t got much left.