6 Things Matt Damon Wants to Know about Sarah Palin and Dinosaurs

September 10, 2008 / 14 Comments

Matt Damon wants to know some things about Sarah Palin.

matt damon and sarah palin 6 Things Matt Damon Wants to Know about Sarah Palin and Dinosaurs

1. Does Sarah Palin think there were dinosaurs here 4,000 years ago?

2. Can Sarah Palin use her folksy charm to face down Vladmir Putin?

3. Does Sarah Palin know how absurd she sounds? (look who’s talking)

4. Can Sarah Palin handle the nuclear codes?

5. Does Sarah Palin know he is afraid of her becoming president?

6. Sarah Palin realizes he thinks she might be the president pretty soon?

Wait a sec. The guy knows something about John McCain’s intentions that the rest of us don’t?

Does he know that Sarah Palin couldn’t give a hoot or a holler about what Matt Damon wants to know? When the Hollywood knuckleheads have to weigh in to help out the Democrats, you know the Dems are hurting. Obama? Is that the best you can do?

What I want to know, is what does Sarah Palin think about the environment? Not what she thinks about 4,000 years ago. I want to know what Obama thinks about the environment. The best we can get out of him is, “What do you want me to think?” Or “What does Sarah Palin think? I’ll think differently.”

Damon … your movies are good, but your opinions on politics are meaningless.

Images courtesy of NewsHour and Siebbi