Polar Bears with Algae-dyed Green Fur

September 10, 2008 / No Comments

green polar bear 1 Polar Bears with Algae dyed Green Fur

Polar bears on strike? Protesting the disappearance of the ice around them, asking the world to go green and showing them the way? I am not sure what these green polar bears are thinking, but these fellas at a Japanese zoo in Higashiyama central Japan are creating a ruckus among the Japanese.

Are they sick? Do they have mold? (this one made me laugh out loud.) Moldy polar bears?

High temps and conservation efforts, changing the water less often, caused algae growth in the bear’s bond. So, when they swam, they came out green. The algae goes to hollow spaces in the bear’s fur making it hard to rinse off.

Besides, “I look good in green,” says the papa bear. The color fades in November.

If only it were this easy to get the world to become greener and NOT have it wear off in the winter, eh?