UN Chief, Ban Ki-moon, Commutes by Solar-Powered Taxi

September 15, 2008 / No Comments

solarpoweredtaxi UN Chief, Ban Ki moon, Commutes by Solar Powered TaxiIf somebody is going to commute by taxi, a solar-powered taxi, you might want that somebody to be someone with influence, someone who can reach the world. Louis Palmer of Switzerland created a solar-powered taxi for use in New Delhi. Good for him, the UN Chief, Ban Ki-moon of South Korea commuted to work aboard the solar-powered vehicle to promote alternative energy sources.

GP wants to know why only one day? Why not every day? Why does promoting alternative energy sources have to be a once in a while thing and not an all the time thing?

solarpoweredtaxi1 UN Chief, Ban Ki moon, Commutes by Solar Powered Taxi

Okay. I admit, it’s better to do it sometimes than never. And, if the UN Chief can do his part to get the word out, the world will be better for it, no?