Like Man Like Dog

September 20, 2008 / No Comments

Man’s best friend, it is believed, can catch the need to yawn from his/her master, too. When someone nearby yawns, for whatever reason, we tend to yawn, too. A researcher at the University of London is claiming that domestic dogs will yawn out of sympathy as well.

yawning dog Like Man Like Dog

Um, don’t these researchers have better things to study than dog yawning habits? Anyway…

Chimps will yawn out of sympathy much like humans do. The researcher became intrigued when his dog yawned right after him. So, he tested his theory on friends and their pups. Sure enough, dogs empathize, too. Dog’s yawned in 72% of incidences compared to 65% of such cases with human-to-human and chimp-to-chimps.

Researchers still aren’t sure why. I say we ask Rover. “Woof, woof!”

In any event, it seems evident that Spot has the ability to empathize with his master. Friends don’t do it, and wives can be way out of touch. But, at least the dog understands.

Is your dog yawning?

Image courtesy of xparxy