Beijing Traffic is Back!

September 22, 2008 / No Comments

beijingtraffic Beijing Traffic is Back!Beijing took steps during the Olympics and before to reduce traffic.

Readers will remember Beijing’s attempt to be like NYC and the government’s move to get half of their cars off the road.

Well … Beijing’s traffic is back. These two pics show the difference.

What GP wants to know is, why can they tell some cars to stay home some of the time to save some of the pollution and not do this ALL the time?

What’s up with that?

Some 400,000 Beijingers are discussing online whether to keep the ban or not. I don’t even live in Beijing and it makes sense to me to keep as many of the estimated 3.29 million cars off the roads as much as possible.

A national holiday is coming … and more congestion will follow, which obviously will result in …

Anyone knows the answer? We all do, it’s more pollution.

Come on Beijing!