Illegal Pirarucu Confiscated in Brazil

September 23, 2008 / No Comments

One of the things I love the most about writing on GP is that I learn while I do it. Do you know what’s the largest freshwater fish in South America? It’s called pirarucu or arapaima and can reach up to 4.5 meters and 200 kg, as an adult. Large pirarucus of more than 2┬ám are seldom found in the wild today because the meat is said to be delicious and they get harpooned or caught in large nets, even though it’s illegal.

But why am I telling you all these?

A catch of 66 pirarucus has been confiscated from poachers who were transporting them to a market in Manaus, capital of the Brazilian Amazon region, and as you can obviously see, those fish are extremely big. I do agree with the Police to hunt down those who don’t care about laws and prevent making money from harpooning the pirarucus to death (even put them in jail for that), but where is all that fish meat going?

amazon pirarucu Illegal Pirarucu Confiscated in Brazil

The other day Bill joked that the police officers and the judges went out to a delicious fish dinner. I hope that’s not true, but I also hope they don’t waste it all, leaving it to rot. How about feeding the hungry? They do delicacies, too, if given for free. Right?

amazon pirarucu 1 Illegal Pirarucu Confiscated in Brazil

Images copyright : REUTERS/Antonio Menezes-A Critica (BRAZIL)