Toilet Paper Used for Making Dresses

September 23, 2008 / No Comments

“A Touch of Pink” fashion show is happening in Toronto. Eight Canuck designers revealed their designs as part of “The White Cashmere Collection” and “Fashion with Compassion for a Future without Breast Cancer.”

toiletpaperdress1 Toilet Paper Used for Making Dresses

GP picked up on this idea because we think making good use of recycled paper makes good sense. BUT!!! We don’t want this kind of paper recycled, do we? Recycled toilet paper would give new meaning to the “Hey, there’s a stain on your dress.” Okay, I agree, that’s nasty.

So, what happens to these girls when they get caught in the rain? Seriously, isn’t there a limit to what to do, what can be done with paper?

Would you wear something made out of toilet paper?

Can you imagine the conversation – “If you are not careful, I am going to TP you.”

“Oh, would you, please?”

In the name of conservation, of course.