Washing Car at Home : Possible Ban in Washington

September 29, 2008 / No Comments

Washington officials are already discussing a possible ban on washing cars at home on the driveway, for environmental reasons. Apparently they’re really concerned that the shampoo or whatever cleaning products people use, are going into the storm drains and then off into the rivers, seas, oceans where it poisons aquatic life and wreaks other ecosystem havoc.

suds in the bucket Washing Car at Home : Possible Ban in Washington

Though it sounds like a good initiative, state residents have complained against it, and I think it’s mainly because they don’t know much about ocean’s water pollution. Would they do it anymore if they would’ve been told that the fish they’re going to eat the next day is full of soap? Probably not.

If the ban will be voted for (which I don’t think will happen) most people will be allowed to was their cars at home, as long as it’s not on the driveway. Do it on the grass and it’s okay, state officials said. How come? It’s better to kill the lawn and the soil under, instead of the shrimp and tuna?

Maybe instead of banning what people have been doing for the last tens or hundreds of years, maybe we should develop greener solutions that no matter where they drain, will not harm the environment. How’s that? Better, I know!

Image courtesy of Micah Taylor