LPGA Samsung World Championship & Solar Powered Porta-Potties

October 1, 2008 / No Comments

So, I am hanging out in Half Moon Bay, CA, home to some serious whale watching. But, this week it is hosting the LPGA Samsung World Championships.

half moon bay golf links LPGA Samsung World Championship & Solar Powered Porta Potties

The question – what does the LPGA have to do with green? The answer was just outside the media tent … the porta-potties. They are solar-powered. Now, to be sure, I am not sure what all that entails, but the things flush, the water runs and they are, by far, the cleanest such facilities I have ever used.

Samsung and Half Moon Bay – working hard to put on a first-rate tourney and do minimum harm to the world we live in, starting from the pots. How cool is that? And, if you keep your eyes peeled, you might even see a whale right off the coast.

Meanwhile, I am here covering the event for Golf Tribune. Please go there to read more of my ramblings.

Image courtesy of spiicytuna