Bamboo Bike a Sustainable Transport Solution

October 9, 2008 / 2 Comments

Apparently the bamboo is not only good for flooring, salad bowls or cutting boards, but also for building some of the most sustainable commuters, the Bamboo Bike. The project was started by the guys at Calfe Design and was meant to build a “green” bike that wouldn’t cost $13,000 like the carbon-fiber bikes we know these days. It costs more or less $2,500 but keep reading and tell me if it’s worth paying that much.

bamboo bike Bamboo Bike a Sustainable Transport Solution

With almost all components made of sustainable materials (like the hemp fiber epoxy composite) the bamboo bike will probably go mass production when they’ll manage to make bamboo grow the way they need (a certain shape) it before assembling it. This may alo take the price down, and more people that would like to do good for the environment could afford it.

But why would someone choose to build a bike out of bamboo? Because it has a higher tensile strength than steel, a stronger compressive abilities than concrete and is smoked and heated to keep it from splitting.

bamboo bikes Bamboo Bike a Sustainable Transport Solution

In 2005, Calfe Design was the first on the market to start producing the bamboo bikes. Do you think they’ll hit? Will they be a real success? – via AboutMyPlanet

Would you like one?