Sharp, Sanyo and Gifu University Team Up on Solar Cell Research

October 10, 2008 / No Comments

solar panel Sharp, Sanyo and Gifu University Team Up on Solar Cell ResearchAh, this is something Japan knows how to do, and do well. Research.

Sharp Corp. Sanyo Electric Co. and 15 other companies has joined forces with Gifu University to conduct research on nanocrystalline silicon, a promising material for highly energy-efficient thin-film solar cells.

The consortium will

  1. explore the nanocrystalline silicon as the next-generation photovoltaic material = solar cell. Japan is a leader in solar cells and wants to pull far ahead.
  2. analyze the properties of nanocrystalline silicon
  3. collect the kinds of basic data needed to develop solar cell materials
  4. use a scanning probe microscopes to observe electron movements in the silicon when the material is exposed to light
  5. study unknown phenomena taking place on the surface of the silicon thin film
  6. create a device to use for quick, objective evaluations during the product development process.

In the end, cheaper and more efficiently made and higher quality products, if Japan does what Japan does best.

Image courtesy of brixton