Monte Rosa Alpine Hut Turned Solar-Powered

October 13, 2008 / No Comments

solar powered monte rosa alpine hut Monte Rosa Alpine Hut Turned Solar Powered

The very modern Monte Rosa Alpine hut, outside Zermatt, is an exotic creation set atop the snow-clad Swiss Alps at 2,810m above sea level, overlooking the Matterhorn. This new 90% energy efficient solar powered hut is a creation of the Department of Architecture, at the Swiss Federal Technical University in Zurich, for the Swiss Alpine Club as a mountaineer’s retreat.

solar powered monte rosa alpine hut old Monte Rosa Alpine Hut Turned Solar Powered

The hut which is an original wooden structure is digitally optimized to give it its grandeur crystalline look.

Studio Monte Rosa is the perfect haunt for the adventurous mountaineer, with its fascinating views and an equally comfortable hotel facility. This state of the art base camp has a 125 room guest facility which is sufficiently equipped. As the hut is out of range of electric power, most of its energy is drawn from the photo-voltaic panels and thermal systems, while the rest comes from a co-generative heat and power back up source. Plans are being worked out to use human waste to produce bio-gas so as to make the hut fully dependent on alternate energy.

This self-sufficient hutment which adopts the norms of biosphere conservation has already won itself a Holcim Bronze Award for Sustainable Construction soon after its completion in September. -via Inhabitat