Chimp Anjana Surrogate Mom for Two White Tiger Cubs

October 14, 2008 / 2 Comments

Anjana is a two year old chimpanzee that plays a surrogate mother role for two 21 days old white tiger cubs that had to be separated from their mother due to safety reasons, when a hurricane flooded their sanctuary.

chimp anjana care two white tiger cubs 1 Chimp Anjana Surrogate Mom for Two White Tiger Cubs

However, that’s not the only case. China York the care taker at The Institute of Greatly Endangered Species in South Carolina, along with the help of Anjana, who has been with her ever since the day she was born. Together they take care of many such animal babies

“Anjana has been with China, side by side, ever since she was born and has joined her in caring and raising baby animals,” said Dr Bhagavan, founder of TIGERS. She began copying everything that China did, so this is how her caring instinct was born. Today, the motherly chimpanzee bottle feeds these babies and forms a close bonding with them making them feel as though she was their own mother.

Images copyright Barry Bland @ Barcroft Media

  • april

    that is very cute. hopefully there will be more monkeys and people to help hurt or injured animals!

  • blakmira

    I thought the photos were just fantastic, showing how much love different animal species can give to another.

    However, you’ve got to watch those humans… they tend to make up little lies to make money off of animals.

    Turns out these babies didn’t come from a “hurricane” after all, but were inbred on purpose, most likely right there on the TIGERS “sanctuary” in North Carolina where these photos came from.

    You see, the only way you can produce a white tiger is through severe inbreeding of brother to sister, father to daughter and mother to son. That’s right, and they usually don’t survive the other genetic deformities they’re born with.

    Still, they’re beautiful pictures showing a beautiful thing; I just don’t appreciate the trickery of this “sanctuary” and what they do to wild animals.