Financial Crisis to Play Big Role in “Green Growth”

October 15, 2008 / No Comments

leaf details Financial Crisis to Play Big Role in Green GrowthAccording to Yvo De Boer – Head of the UN based Climate Change Secretariat – the global financial crisis is going to speed up the efforts being made by many countries to cut down on global warming, a process that is slowly leading us to destruction.

He elaborated that, instead of side lining the issue of global warming because of the credit crisis, it could be used to create a policy that would attract the private sector to make investments in clean energy projects.

De Boer also emphasized that this was a more feasible decision rather than spending all available funds on trying to rescue the world from the credit crisis. If this were to be done, it would automatically affect the developing countries that were being funded by the rich countries.

As these developing countries play a key role in saving the ecological environment, it would be a drawback to ignore their problems. Without their efforts we cannot manage to save our world, therefore the previous idea is a better plan to tackle the financial crisis.

However De Boer assured that the credit crunch had so far not affected the Kyoto Protocol neither did they foresee any such developments taking place.

Image courtesy of elston