Noise Pollution in San Francisco, Harms People’s Health

October 16, 2008 / No Comments

Everyone is aware that noise pollution is a source of irritability in most people. A recent study in San Francisco reveals that 1 out of 6 people living in San Francisco face risks of heart diseases, blood pressure and high stress. Any readers from SF that can comment on that noise pollution issue? Check out the video below.

Noise on Stockton Street - San Francisco

The concern is not only of noise pollution from cars and trucks, which are the root causes, but also from trains, sirens and exhaust fans. A plan is being drafted with these considerations in mind so as to restructure building codes, land use regulations and transportation policy, thereby cutting down on the noise.

A second method to help reduce noise pollution would be to electrify the transportation system and use more and more hybrid vehicles that produce minimal or no sound at all. They are a more feasible choice.

Since cyclists, walkers and mass transit users cut down on the greenhouse effect and thereby creating a healthier environment, this means we should all make an effort to bring in this change. – via