Japanese Slaughters Dolphins

October 17, 2008 / No Comments

There’s a secluded lagoon hidden alongside an island about 700kms south of Tokyo where – Iol says – Japanese fishermen, with the blessings of Tokyo, are slaughtering dolphins. Between October and April of last year, some 16,000-20,000 of the mammals were killed under whaling laws.

dolphinslaughter Japanese Slaughters Dolphins

The fishermen hammer metal rods into the sea to disable the dolphins’ sense of direction, thus herding them into the lagoon where they stab them to death with knives, hooks and lances. Babies are separated from their parents and pregnant dolphins miscarry, while those the rest are being sold in Japan. Some to animal trainers, while the remainder are killed in a secluded bay.

Parts of the dolphins are processed into pet food and fertilizer.

GP can’t verify the validity of the report, but I am game for heading to Japan, to this island off the coast to see what’s going on and if it’s harm to our good animal friends, try to stop it. Is there anybody who can verify this report?