World Food Crisis Looms Says UN

October 17, 2008 / No Comments

agriculture workers in africa return home World Food Crisis Looms Says UN

The UN food agency – the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), is warning of a looming food crisis in Africa. The reason – global increase in food and fuel prices. The reason – increase production in bio-fuel at the expense of food production. The reason – climate change.

Kenyan agriculture assistant minister said, “that in as much as bio-fuel continues to draw attention due to the increasing prices of fossil fuels, there is need to focus on providing access to sustainable sources of energy.”

The assistant minister also said “thousands of bags of food are lying at the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) stores and blamed the ministry of special programs for delaying its distribution to the hungry.”

“Hundreds of thousands of people are reported to be starving in a number of districts especially those in arid and semi arid regions.”

So, what should we do when we try to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels by increasing the use of bio-fuels so that we can save our environment but in the process people die for lack of food? Does anybody have an answer? – via

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