White-headed Langur, Now Recovering

October 20, 2008 / No Comments

One of the numerous endangered species in the world, is the Asian white headed-Langur, also referred to as the leaf monkey because it only feeds on leaves and fruits. Previously found in 16 areas of the Guangxi Province of southern China this species is now limited to only three or four areas.

white headed langur White headed Langur, Now Recovering

The steep mountains and the valley below are its natural habitat in the Nongguan Nature Reserve. The outer part of the reserve has been turned into an agricultural land for sugarcane and rice crops.

Dr. Pan Wenshi, a biologist from the Peking University, has been living at the Nongguan Nature Reserve for the past twelve years, trying to do everything possible to save this species from extinction. When he first arrived in the reservation, forest officials were planning to blow up three of the mountain cliffs but with much persuasion from Wenshi the blasting was stopped, restoring its karst mountain habitat.

white headed langur 3 White headed Langur, Now Recovering

Today with his continued efforts to save this race the Langur population has gone up from 96 in the 1990’s to a present 500. Check out the gallery below for more pictures.

Images Copyright: Peking University Chongzuo Biodiversity Research Institute. – via NY Times