Photovoltaic Solar Panels on Vatican’s Roof

October 21, 2008 / No Comments

Pope Benedict has become the first ever Pontiff to be using solar power as an energy source for the Vatican. The Pope VI auditorium, which is used by the Pope to meet the pilgrims in bad weather conditions, will have 2,700 solar panels replacing the original roofs.

vatican installs solar powered roofs 1 Photovoltaic Solar Panels on Vaticans Roof

The $1.5 million panels were gifted to the Pope by a Bonn-based company called Solar World and according to its engineers, these photovoltaic panels will trap solar power to generate enough electricity to light, heat or cool the 6,600 seat auditorium.

Pope Benedict XVI, ever since he was elected in 2005, has been against the excessive use of power resources. He has the notion that this environment hazard is making the lives of poor people miserable.

The small “plant” will cut down on 200 tons of carbon dioxide which is equivalent to 70 tons of oil, and when the hall is not being used, the power will be stored in the Vatican’s power network. We’ll throw in a white ball for the Pope and his green initiatives. – via