TEPCO Builds Solar Power Plant in Kawasaki, Japan

October 21, 2008 / No Comments

TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co) will build two solar power plants on the waterfront in Kawasaki, Kanagawa (near Yokohama), that will have a capability of producing some 20,000kw – enough energy for 5,900 households. That’s great news, only 24,994,100 households to go. TEPCO’s investment will come to about Y10B ($100 million).

a solar power wind turbine lampost TEPCO Builds Solar Power Plant in Kawasaki, Japan

Solar power wind turbine lampost in Tokyo, Japan

The solar panels will cover some 30 hectares at two landfills and construction starts next year and will be finished within two years. Overall, the plant will reduce carbon emissions by 8,900 tons and TEPCO has similar plans for plants in other parts of Japan.

Meanwhile – KEPCO ( Kansai Electric Power Co.) and Sharp Corp. are jointly building a 28,000kw solar power facility in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, that’s going to be two times smaller.

Source (subscription required) – Image courtesy of Howard.Gees