Sales of Elephant Ivory Banned on eBay

October 23, 2008 / No Comments

It has been declared by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) that a ban on elephant ivory will be brought into force from 1st January 2009. This has been a result of a thorough investigation by the IFAW that more than 7,000 wildlife products were found listed on 183 websites spread over 11 countries and astonishingly 73% of the goods were made of elephant ivory.

elephant mom and baby Sales of Elephant Ivory Banned on eBay

This alarming discovery has caused panic as to the fast extinction of these wild animals including 20% of exotic birds, primates, big cats and some other animals.

“This very important step to protect elephants. With these findings and eBay’s leadership, there is no doubt left that all internet dealers need to take responsibility for their impact on endangered species by enacting and enforcing a ban on all online wildlife trade.

“eBay has set the standard for protecting elephants, now governments and other online dealers need to follow their example,” said Robbie Marsland, director of IFAW UK.

Sardonic as it may sound, this decision comes at the same time when a 100 tons of stocked ivory from the remains of 10,000 dead elephants is being legally put up for sale, which the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) says is taking place for the first time in ten years.

This sale is giving rise to doubts about the illegal trade thriving once again as it is a profitable business rivaling the illicit drugs and weapons trade. If this continues to go on, it is bound to cause severe damage to our eco-system by endangering the wildlife species.

Do you think such a ban would help the elephants? I don’t, but it may be a step forward. – via

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